Local products:


This page is a brief overview of the excellent local producers from the Valromey!

Our area has many organic farms.  Each farm invites you to discover their products which will not only inspire your taste buds but also stimulate your mind.  Please feel free to make them a visit. 

Bread, cheeses, jams, honey, syrups and cordials, wines, meats, eggs and even snails for the pleasure of the all Epicureans loving ecological tourism!

Arvière apiaries (in Vieu)

Honey and bees related products: gingerbread, nougat and marshmallows … Explanatory video: here

02 Les Ruchers de l'Arvière (photo credit Bugey Coté Fermes)


“Pain du Valromey” (local bakery in Champagne en Valromey)

You will find here organic sourdough bread cooked in a wood-oven. Visits allowed during the cooking. Look at the tasty results here.


01 Le Pain du Valromey (photo credit Bugey Coté Fermes)


“Oeufs du Coq à l’âne” (Poultry farm in Lompnieu)

Organic poultry farm laying hens. Every hen has a name! To read the newspaper article, click here.

“Escargots de la Source” (Snails farm in Vieu)

Visits and tastings of snails raised outside. To read the newspaper article, click here.

Jean-Yves Martinal’s farm (situated in Belmont)

Goat cheese, apple juice, home made beer… ll made under the  organic certification process. Jean-Yves is a major figure of the Valromey area. You HAVE to meet him. To read the newspaper article, click here.

Laurent Varoux farm (in Champagne)

Laurent is a young breeder of Angus meet. He extensively uses agroecology. You can buy his products in his farm (reservation required).

Fournil de Munet (Bakery in Virieu le Petit)

Young farmers cultivate here old varieties of wheat and make sourdough bread cooked in a wood-oven.

“La Grisette osier” (in Artemare)

Fabrication of wicker baskets.   Basket-making sessions available… All the practical information here.

Bergerie de Munet (Sheepfold in Virieu le Petit)

Organic cow and goat cheese . It is possible to visit during milking time (reservation required). To read the newspaper article, click here.

Chemin Faisant (in Champagne)

Jams made with wild fruits, candied flowers… Direct sales by the producer with reservation.

More information here.

GAEC des Muriers (in Belmont)

Poultry, cows and honey, Tao is certified Ecocert. A young dynamic person to encourage ! More information here.

“Confisery Nelly” (in Fitignieu)

Macaroons, ice-cold walnuts, fruit jellies … The best place for  gourmets is here.

“Les Naturicultrices d’Hotonnes” (in Hotonnes)

Plants and organic syrups: more information here.

Sheepfolds (in Chavornay and Brenod)

The Valromey is a part of the Conté area. Websites of the Chavornay sheepfold here, and the one in Brenod here.

“Bugey Coté Fermes” (Local farming products in Belley)

These stores  offer products exclusively from local farmers which are mostly certified organic. Link here

Bugey wines:

Roussette, Gamay, all you need to know about our local wines is explained here.

If you have any question, call us at +33 (0) 479 875 435 or leave us a message using the contact form !

Please feel free to contact our local tourism information offices:

  • The Valromey office : website here.
  • The Belley office : website here.